Music & Arts

Our Mission

The Music

We are guided by the church’s beliefs, whereby, disciples are equipped for service in order to minister effectively to the congregation and community at large with the highest level of quality and excellence. We seek to discern the flow of the Holy Spirit and follow the Spirit's lead in cooperation with our senior pastor and other worship leaders.  As musicians and singers, our utmost desire is to use our spiritual gifts and talents to lead the congregation into God's presence.

The Arts

Artistically we endeavor to speak to your senses through sound, spoken word, dramatic and comedic skits, dance, etc.  The arts are an expressive way of communicating biblical truths to our hearts and minds to expand upon traditional teaching. 

As a member of our team you will enjoy the following benefits:
     ●   the joy and fun of sharing your talents with others
     ●   serving God by actively contributing in worship and special events
     ●   a new set of friends, indeed a new "family"
     ●   artistic growth, personal growth, and spiritual growth

We are always looking for vocal soloists, instrumental soloists, poets, dances, mimes, musicians, and actors to contribute on an occasional basis. The following Lead Servants extend a open invitation to our many rehearsals.  

Music Department

Brother Micah Gordon, Lead Servant

Anointed Praise Chorale

Pastor Daryl Hallman, Choir Director

Sister Virginia Ausley, Lead Servant

Brother Tandala Hayden, Co-Lead Servant

 Eternal Flames Dancers & Mimes

Sister Constance Rencher, Lead Servant

Messenger Larissa Reed, Co-Lead Servant

Praise & Worship Team

Sister Allisha Murph, Lead Servant 

Sister LaTyana Veal, Co-Lead Servant

Brother Antoine Hearon, Scribe

Youth in Action Choir 

Sister Barabara "Nellie" Johnson, Choir Director

Arts & Poetry 

Messenger Trisshauna Daniels-Gordon, Lead Servant

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