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 2023: Our Year of Unsolicited Abundance, Psalms 23 

2023 Thinkers think critically not derogatory!

2023 Believers look for real relationships in their inner circle:

2023 True believers win in every situation: 

2023 Believers find & live with balance; trusting God for the consequences:

2023Believers have a love song in their heart, dedicated to the one that created them!

The first thing to realize is that things happen so that things can happen.

Just know that God knows how & when to come through for us!

He makes me:

He restores me:

He leads me:

Everyone with a future also has a green pasture.

This is a year of incredible advantages

A year of extreme favor where blessings still flow and miracles still happen

A year of exceptional manifestation!

2022: The Year of Spontaneous Miracles, Isaiah 65:24

2021 The Year of the Survivor 


Genesis 45:4-7 & Genesis 50:20

2020 I'm Living Where the Blessing is, Deuteronomy 11: 12-15

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2019 Our Year of Beneficial Journeys, Isaiah 65:8-9 

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2018: Our Year of Family Success, Isaiah 44:3 & Joshua 1:8

2017: Our Year of Acceleration, Isaiah 58:8

2016: A Year of Unlimited Provision, 2 Cor. 2:14   

2015: A Year of Victory & Favor, Psalms 41:11

2014: A Year In Which Great Things Just Happen, 1st Thessalonians 3:12-13

2013: The Year of Incredible Living, Live with Purpose, Live on Purpose, Live for Purpose Psalms 84:11 & Zechariah 8: 9-13

2012: Our Victory is Streaming, Make positive proclamations.  Expect granted requests.  Rejoice in promises fulfilled.   Reveal manifested results!

2011: A Year Without Limits, Everything that can go wrong can also go right. Our advantage is to be on the proper side of God’s will.

2010: Reign where we Rule, Do meaningful work and it will begin to work for you!

Evangelism Theme

An Empty Seat is an Insult to God

                                 Our Christian Education Themes                   

We Are A Blessed People because We Are An Informed People

As We Live We Learn, As We Love Learning We Discover That Learning Is A Lifestyle

 Our Obligation To Humanity Is To

Change The World One Person At A Time

We Know That

We Are Quality People Doing Quality Ministry

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