A wide range of health conditions and causes have touched many of our lives. We typically hear about the big ones, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month or World AIDS Day. But what about lesser-known awareness campaigns, such as Occupational Health Month, National School Breakfast Week, or Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day? Did you know they existed?

Awareness months, weeks, and days are important. They allow people with certain health conditions — along with their loved ones, advocacy organizations, and support groups — to rally around a common cause and lend support. Educational, fundraising, and support events are often held during these times. They can bring people together for a great cause.

Want to know which events are coming up, or support an awareness campaign you’re less familiar with? This 2018 calendar of health awareness months, weeks, and days offers a complete look at all the ways you can support these initiatives.

September is National...