We Are A Blessed People Because We Are An Informed People

Our Mission is to provide unified Christian education that compels Believers to seek continual growth and development through the succinct teachings of the Word of God in order to prepare them for Christian service.  

Our Purpose is to be an efficacious resource that teaches Believers Christ-likeness with balance in order to empower the Body of Christ for the advancing of the Kingdom of God. 

Our Leaders 

Elder Donald Adams, Jr., Lead Servant

Sister Tracy Small & Elder Lorece White, Co-Lead Servants

 Lifetime Achievement Honorees

Elder Johnnie Swain

Elder Ruth Adair

Elder Flora Poston

Elder Joann Harrison

Deacon Adrian McNutt

Deacon Walter Davis

Messenger Elizabeth Harrison

Reverend Sharon Dunigan

 New Teachers  (Completed Teachers Training Course):

Sister Marcia D. Huggins

Sister Serena Bell

Minister Sharon Lowe
Professional & Gospel Teachers
Elder Paula Brown - Elder Richawn Randall
Sister Brenetta Allison  - Mother Earline Gates
Mother Irma Walker - Sister Lisa Mackel
Elder Lynn Munson - Minister Dr. Jessie Williams
Elder Tina Scott - Sister Virgella Powell 

Minister Tammy Currey - Msgr. Virginia Ausley
Msgr. Emmanuel Hodges - Msgr. Lillie Steward
Pastor Darryl Hallman - Msgr. Tandala Hayden
Sister Sabrena Givens - Elder Dr. Paris Davis
Sister Yolanda Hanna - Elder Ronell Brown
Sister Rosalind Redditt - Elder Windi Burns 

Its never to late to LEARN, join us inside the walls for a host of popular bible study topics or commit to begin your teachers training today!

Inside the Walls: The Church-Wide Education Ministry plans and oversees Christian and general education activities, curriculum and services provided to members and the community.  Services include weekly Sunday Morning Discipleship Hour - 11:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. composed of Christian Education Classes for all age groups         

*Young Adults

Foundation Classes for New Members (Quarterly)

*Praise and Worship
*Making of a Disciple
*Know Your Ministry
*Hearing God

Additionally we have:

Weekly Monday Night Youth Bible Study - 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Weekly Mid-Week Bible Study - 12:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m.

Annual Teachers Training Program (Spring)

Annual Family Enrichment Week (August)


 Next Steps: Serve as a Volunteer and Go be a Witness! 

Outside the Walls: At Triedstone we believe that "Learning is a Lifestyle" so the following continuing education resources are for your advancement.

Something You Should Know:


*The interest rate on new undergraduate Federal Direct student loans will increase from 3.76% (2016-17) to 4.45% (2017-18).  

*The interest rate for new graduate Federal Direct student loans will increase from 5.31 percent (2016-17) to 6.0 percent (2017-18). 

*The interest rate for new parent and graduate PLUS loans will increase from 6.31% (2016-17) to 7.0% (2017-18).

 We encourage you to monitor ifap.ed.gov and studentaid.gov for official notification from the US Department of Education.

TO LEARN ABOUT IDEA: Private School Students Eligibility for Special Education 

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