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Since 1989, Bishop Simon Gordon has served as the Senior Pastor of Triedstone Church of Chicago, a Full Gospel Baptist Church, located on the south side of Chicago, IL. In this position, he shepherds a congregation of 3,000, 30 support ministries, and 14 senior pastors who are also responsible for their own congregations. In 1999, Bishop Gordon formed Total Resources Community Development Organization (TRCDO). In this capacity, he continues to chair this community based entity, along with its subsidiary, Pastors 4PCOR, which partners with PCORI (the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute), Northwestern University, and several major hospitals to provide health research training to churches. Through these established faith-based entities, over 50,000 lives are positively impacted annually with various outreach and human services.

Socially, Bishop Gordon has served as an advisor on the White House Faith-Based Council during the first term of President Barack Obama and with St. Jude’s Cancer Research Children’s Hospital as the Associate of the Sunday of Hope Promotions out of Memphis, TN. He serves as an active Board Member of Prevention Partnership, Inc. as the Faith Based Chair for HIV Awareness and Substance Abuse Prevention. His recent efforts also include spearheading building better relationships with the City of Chicago, Duke University, the Lupus Foundation, the Cancer Society, Advocate Healthcare, and the American Heart Association.

In recent years, Bishop Gordon was awarded the prestigious Paul Kelly Service Award, the Path Award twice from the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the United Theological Seminary’s President’s Award.

He is presently a Regent at the Midwest Theology Seminary in Kansas. He is a member of the CORE group, which is a faith based council that addresses the utility industries to ensure fairness. Bishop Gordon has also led over 50 overseas expeditions; and serves as an Instructor for African American Clergy and Educators in Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Rome and South Africa.

Corporately, Bishop Gordon is involved in the Tehillah Music Group where he serves as a Board Member. Under the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International (FGBCFI), since 2003, he has served as the jurisdictional Bishop for the Midwest Region Full Gospel Baptist Churches. This includes churches in five (5) states, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan, and also in Canada.

Other publications & works include:

“Walk in the Spirit”,

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective Christians”, “

Carrying the Flame: Balancing the Father’s Business For All Levels of Leadership”,

“The Human Idea of God”, and “Church Formation and Development” for and published by the International Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship for Leadership Training and Development. 

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