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    Commit to a 5K

    04.30.18 | by The Fitness Ministry

    Commit to a 5k to motivate you to train. Plus, you just may find out that the energy of the supportive crowds really motivate you to keep jogging—long after the race.

      Try Yoga

      04.30.18 | by The Fitness Ministry

      Yoga is one my favorite classes to teach. Yoga can help you feel centered. It stretches and strengthens your body, improves your breathing and awareness, and empowers your mind.

        Add Some Muscle Building Activities

        04.23.18 | by The Fitness Ministry

        Add some muscle building activities to your weekly workouts. Free weights, resistance bands, muscle sculpt classes or using your body weight with push-ups, planks and squats all work.   Don't expect the weight to come off fast. Be...

          Healthier Choices

          04.23.18 | by The Fitness Ministry

          Select healthier choices to have on standby in your fridge when hunger pains or emotional eating strikes, such as a bowl of fresh strawberries or blueberries.

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