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    Re-Commit To Yourself

    09.04.17 | by The Fitness Ministry

    Summer is winding down ☹, some of us have slacked off our workout routines.  With kids going back to school, now is the perfect time to recommit to yourself and your fitness goals.  Incorporate a 20 to 30 minute into...

      Do NOT Skip Meals!

      08.21.17 | by The Fitness Ministry

      When you skip meals your metabolism slows down and you're not burning calories like you should.  Your body thinks you're starving so when you eat again, your body stores away more than usual resulting in more fat!

        Don't Be Afraid to Sweat

        08.15.17 | by The Fitness Ministry

        Sweating is a GREAT sign of a strong metabolism and shows that your body is doing it's job. Sweating removes toxins. Sweating is normal and natural! Don't be self-conscious about it or try to avoid it.  It keeps your pores open which leads...

          Why Workout Before Work?

          08.07.17 | by The Fitness Ministry

          It is often the most peaceful time of the day and   a great way to get some alone time It preps you for the day, waking up your brain, clears your mind and helps organize your thoughts Get your exercise in first think...