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A Message From Bishop Gordon   

On behalf of your Triedstone Church family, I extend a warm greeting to our new members and those touring our website.   In the purest sense, Triedstone Church is, "A Church for all People" and as such it is your house of prayer, praise and worship. I truly believe that our relationship represents a divine partnership ordained by God expressly for the purpose of manifesting His, "will be done in earth, as it is in heaven". Matthew 6:10. 

Because it is not uncommon for new members to experience a certain level of uncertainty with adjusting to their Christian walk or the church environment we are here for support.   Our leaders serve as mentors who are committed to assisting you by answering your questions and offering guidance. Its important that we stay connected so expect the occasional phone call or two inviting you to our many teaching and fellowship events.  

As you become familiar with Triedstone, you will discover that in addition prayer, evangelism and Christian based church-wide education, we offer a host of resources to address the physical and social needs of people. You are encouraged to share in those resources or get involved with one of the many ministries that support our mission.

We look forward to our getting acquainted so before the New Member Orientation stop by after service for a meet and greet. 

Until then, SHINE in the revelation of deepening your relationship with God and uniting with your new church family!

Sister Tracy Small heads the Members Care Ministry and is your "go to person" for all things related to your successful integration. You can reach Sister Tracy at  773-881-7710 or  To view our many volunteer opportunities Click Here and again welcome!


Tracy Small, Lead Servant

Messenger Lillie Stewart, Co-Lead Servant

Sister Cheryl Rosario, Support

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